fredag 1 juni 2007

Vetenskapens Budord

Hittade detta i ett inlägg av hoary puccoon (nej, det är inte en varelse ur Harry Potter-böckerna, utan en växt - och en blogg-diskutant uppenbarligen) i Evolutionblog och det var så briljant att jag måste återge dem. Jag har småfixat lite i ett par av dem, men till 95% är de exakt som hoary puccoon skrev dem Kom gärna in med förslag på fler budord.

The Six (and counting) Commandments of Science
1. Thou shalt not lie. Fudging data is a mortal sin, enough to terminate one's career.
2. Honor thy fathers and mothers. You must give credit to the previously-published work of other scientists.
3. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Misrepresenting another scientist's work merits public exposure and condemnation.
4. Love thy neighbor. Arguments based on attacking your opponents personality or personal conduct are not acceptable in scientific discourse.
5. By their works ye shall know them. If Linus Pauling is a legend and Watson and Crick are complete unknowns, whose model of DNA is accepted? W&C's-- because theirs is right and Pauling's was wrong.
6. Let your yeas be yeas, and your nays, nays. Scientists must define their variables explicitly, and not fudge and say, 'oh, I really meant something else' if their hypothesis is disproven. (This is actually why theism versus atheism doesn't much matter in practicing science. God, whether he/she/it exists or not, is too fuzzy a variable to produce clear results.)

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