torsdag 5 november 2009

The riddle revealed

It's so cute!

The suspense which has gripped the global population is finally at an end. That, or the mild curiosity of a few friends of mine after my persistent posting of cryptic statements on Facebook and a video-riddle here at the blog.

Thanks to the contributions of a large number of wonderful friends I got a big wad of money as a present when I defended my dissertation this September. The money was meant for me to finally stop whining and buy a cell phone that had fancier uses than just phoning people or sending text messages (which was all my by now antique Nokia could do). After a few weeks of blissful surfing the net and comparing phones I developed a crush on the HTC Tattoo which was launched this October. Not too expensive, but with turbo 3G, touch screen, radio, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and a bunch of other stuff I can't bother to remember. However, it's operative system is Android, the Open Source programming developed by Google and that was a big plus for me. Not just because I like OA, but also because Spotify has a deal with them which means I can use that wonderful application on my phone.

So the video-rebus/riddle was pretty obvious in my opinion.
Blondie - "Call Me": It's a phone. Duh!
Bladerunner - Rutger Hauer: Perhaps the most famous android of movie history
Biohazard - Sell Out: Ok, this was a bit tough. I tried to find a clip of Miami Ink on YouTube but they couldn't be embedded. The singer of Biohazard (which is a great band btw) is covered in tattoos and has in fact been tattooed on Miami Ink. And yes, I am a sell out who has discarded my still functioning Nokia for a shiny new toy.
So there you have it. Now I don't have time to write any more, I want my htc

The kids liked it too

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3 kommentarer:

Johan C sa...

Coolness! Hoppas du blir lika nöjd som jag är med min Hero. :)

Martin sa...


Does your GPS software work out of the box? My Samsung has GPS but I've never used it because the software doesn't come on until you subscribe to a map download service. I think I should at least be able to get my coordinates and navigate to a waypoint without paying a premium. /-:

tingotankar sa...

I'll check bak to you on that. Unfortunately I won't get my mobile surf SIM-card until next week. 5 days of torture...